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Stripped down basics of how to make good coffee.

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I'm going to keep this short and sweet.  This advice remains consistent across all brewing platforms.


1)  Buy Fresh Coffee

-  Most coffee from the grocery store is months old, including the whole beans in the see through containers.  Find a way to get coffee fresh.  Local guy in your town, or a company like ours that roasts to order and sends it to you are great choices. 


2)  Use only whole bean coffee and grind it fresh, right before you brew it.

- Once coffee is ground, its shelf life deteriorates rapidly.  This even includes when its packaged in vaccum tight containers.  A $15.00 el cheapo spice/coffee grinder is sufficient.  Belive it or not, thats what I use at home and we make great coffee.


3)  Use filtered water for brewing.

- The taste of your water plays a heavy role in the flavor of your coffee.  Use a filtered water source to keep things fresh and consistent.  This means either use a portable filtration pitcher, such as a Brita system, or install a filter under your kitchen sink so you always have filtered water handy.  Some refrigerators have those filtration systems built in also.  Use them.


4) Get your brewed coffee into a thermal container ASAP

-. . . ..  so it is not exposed to a burner, or any other additional heat source after brewing.  If you only have the basic style brewer with a glass pot on a burner, purchase a small thermal carafe to pour your brewed coffee into after its done.  This gives your coffee several more hours of life.



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