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Kevin's Coffee Guide

It can be challenging looking over an extensive coffee menu like ours and deciding what you would like to try first.  I hope this page helps out our first time guests and makes the process of getting started with our freshly roasted coffees just a little easier.  These are my own personal recommendations based on what I've noticed within our customer base.  I hope it provides a little guidance as you get started.  There are no wrong answers here, as all of our coffees are extremely high quality and freshly roasted to order.  All orders ship for free, so the prices you see are delivered.

Kevin's Coffee Recommendations:

If you like milder, medium roast coffee, here is the order I suggest you try our coffee to hone in on your ultimate preference:

1) Guatemala Antigua

2) Our House Band

3) Costa Rica (regular, or the fancy La Minita when in stock)

4) Colombia Supremo

5) Smoove Jazz

6) Rimshot


If you are into darker coffees with more perceived strength, try this order:


1) Malawi

2) Dark Fusion

3) Sumatra

4) 1930 Blend

5) Black Phog

6) Ethiopia Sidamo

7) French Roast (our very darkest)


My favorite espresso is our 3AM espresso.

My favorite decaf is Brass Decaf Blend.  Its light, floral and sweet on the tongue.  The Sumatra Decaf is great also for the dark coffee drinker.  If you want a blend of both, go for Coltrane Decaf Espresso.

As for flavored coffee, just get what sounds good to you.  They are all medium roast, and flavored as described.  Some of the most popular are Cinnamon Sugar Cookie, Bourbon Pecan, Hawaiian Hazelnut, Creme Brulee, Pumpkin Harvest, just to name a few.

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