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Coffee is grown across the globe in countries that lie within the coffee belt, a region bounded in the North by the Tropic of Cancer, and in the South by the Tropic of Capricorn. The best regions offer an even mix of sunshine and rain, with steady temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Altitude plays a key role in the quality of coffee. The higher quality Arabica coffee trees must be grown above 1800 feet, and are much more delicate than their heartier counterpart, the Robusta coffee tree, which has a higher bean yield and grows at lower altitudes. You will find Robusta coffee in the most popular grocery store canned coffees due to their cheaper price.

At Blue Jazz Java, we exclusively use Arabica coffee beans. We roast coffee from the most popular origins, such as Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Ethiopia and Guatemala. We also have coffee from Kenya, Malawi, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Peru.

Each origin of coffee has its own unique qualities. Try a variety of our single origin offerings and explore what the world of coffee has to offer.

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